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The Future of Wood Studio was conducted as a team-based research project that examined the potential future of wood construction seen primarily through the lens of digital processes and emerging digital tools. During the course of the semester, we experimented with 3D printing, 3-axis and 5-axis CNC, and wood casting, as well as iterative digital processes such as “soft/kill” and other shape/topology optimization techniques that informed new spatial and structural typologies.

The studio explored all the potential benefits of wood construction- not limited exclusively to form and structure, but also thermal, acoustic, and other possible advantages of the given material in a built environment. Our studio was an interdisciplinary pairing of Interior Design, Architecture, and Civil Engineering students. The civil engineering students asked questions about architectural form and space as seen through a structural lens. Their insight and ability to break test our various wood epoxy mixtures was crucial in producing an effective 3D printed product.

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Hassan Suwaileh is an architect, designer & illustrator